• Turning 22

    Birthdays become less significant the older you get, it seems. Once you’re past the age of 21 people stop caring. Sure, you have your big birthdays like 30, 40, 50 etc., but in between those birthdays are just a normal day where people pay slightly more attention to you and occasionally you receive gifts. I

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  • The Novel of Life

    Strong like the pen, and cleverly paced Holding me hostage in chapter two The editor of my book, you’re placed How do I get to my big debut?   Weak as a pencil, quickly erased Through the pages, no sign of breakthrough Stuck in the world where I am disgraced How do I get to my big

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  • Conversations

    We all have them. Conversations. They can often be dry, tasteless and predictable,  but then sometimes you will meet that one person who, with out fail, you can have the BEST conversations with. It is these conversations that I live for.

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