• The Cardinal Sins Of Closet Creative Writers

    Image Source Sharing what you write is hard. Whether it’s reading out to a group or putting it on a blog, sharing takes more courage than you could imagine. After all, writing is a pretty personal thing. You may as well take your heart out and ask people what they think, right? Hence why many

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  • Fading Memories

    Cold messages, piercing my heart Knife in your hand, digging deeper I’d leave you, if i were smart But everyone tells me you’re a keeper   You told me you’d prayed To keep me by your side When did the magic fade? I wish you hadn’t lied

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  • Picking a Career

    Choosing something we want to do for the rest of our lives is so difficult, especially when we’re forced to pick it out at such a young age. The thing that plagues all young people and makes me squirm, picking a career that not only fits us, but doesn’t fill us with impending doom. At

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