• Film Reviews: La La Land

    La La Land is the story of an aspiring actress called Mia (Emma Stone) struggling to find her big break and a committed Jazz musician called Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who is having trouble keeping a consistent gig. Set in modern day Los Angeles we see a musical love story between two people who struggle with

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  • Film Reviews: Why Him?

    Why Him? is about a family who, during the holidays, go to visit their daughter/sister Stephanie at Stanford University. Instead they find themselves in the house of Stephanie’s socially awkward boyfriend Laird, a billionaire game developer who means well, but always says or does the wrong things. Stephanie’s father battles with doubts about his daughters choice

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  • Film Reviews: I, Daniel Blake

    Daniel Blake, an ill carpenter finding himself in desperate need of state welfare, meets single mum of 2 Katie who has found herself in a similar situation. This film provides a realistic portrayal of the struggles many people find when trying to claim the benefits they need to live a normal and healthy life and

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