• I’m Not Brave

    If you don’t know already I was recently interviewed for the Sunday Mail about mental health, you can find the article, including an awkward photo of me, here. Since it came out this morning I’ve had an influx of messages from people calling me “brave”, “courageous” or just telling me “well done”. Now you’re not wrong

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  • Back at Work

    I am back at work. It’s been about a month since I was last here and my goodness does it feel good to be back. I’ve been SO bored away from this place, but it was important for my health to take the time off. Mentally I am feeling so much better, the Sertraline has

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  • Readjusting

    As I have been spending a lot of time cooped up in my flat and avoiding contact with anyone going back to work and socialising has become an unexpected adjustment process, and an exhausting one at that. Everything becomes that little bit harder to get back in to the longer you’ve been away from it.

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