• Treat Yourself Without Completely Sacrificing Your Health

    Sometimes, you just need to loosen the reigns and treat yourself a little. Doing this is not always straightforward though because you run the risk of making unhealthy choices if you opt for the conventional foodie treats. It doesn’t need to be that way though. There are so many great ways to make the most

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  • Armpit Hair Don’t Care

    There seems to be a lot of controversy on social media about armpit hair on women at the moment which is actually getting me quite angry. I’ve seen the words “disgusting” and “gross” used to describe women with armpit hair and I am actually horrified that people are dragging women down instead of empowering them.

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  • My 2018 Goals

    With 2017 being a roller coaster of a year for me in terms of mental health I’m kind of looking to have a more relaxing 2018 and rest a lot more than I had been – or at least manage my time better so I’m not overdoing it and stressing out. With this in mind

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