• How To Practice Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Without A Therapist

    If your doctor has suggested CBT as a possible therapy for your condition, you’ll probably be stuck on a waiting list for many months with no sign of getting treatment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be working on it yourself in your own time. CBT can help with many conditions, from OCD to PTSD

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  • Why Free Dating Sites Are Great

    In this day and age it can be so hard to meet someone the “traditional” way due to basically living behind screens 90% of the time. This can prove difficult for the lonely people who don’t even know where to start with dating, never mind not having a way to meet someone. This is where

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  • How To Spend Your Free Time

    If you’re anything like me, you go to work in the morning, come back in the evening, make some food and veg out. I mean I got in to a really bad habit of doing absolutely nothing with my free time other than watch TV which was getting me down and making me feel kinda

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