• Day 6 #BlurtSelfCareathon : Support

    The most important thing for me on my absolute worst days is that I have a support network. I have friends, family, work colleagues and my partner all there on hand to talk to. Although not all of them necessarily understand what I am going through the majority of them do attempt to help me

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  • Dating In 2017

    Although I have been in a relationship for almost the entirety of 2017, I am still aware and involved in the dating scene second hand through my friends and colleagues. The dating world seems to be so much trickier than meeting someone in a pub and making a connection, we essentially have to sell ourselves

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  • 5 “On a Budget” Date Ideas

    If you’ve been seeing someone for a fair amount of time or are married the concept of taking your other half out on a date can be a stress. Not just because you’ve already pulled out all your best tricks, but also because of the cost. Although it is nice to dress up and go

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