• Long-Distance Relationship Tips

      Image There is no denying that long distance relationships are hard work. However, this does not mean that they are doomed, as a lot of people seem to believe. In fact, there are lots of couples that manage to make their long distance relationships work, and they don’t simply just get by – they

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  • My 2018 Goals

    With 2017 being a roller coaster of a year for me in terms of mental health I’m kind of looking to have a more relaxing 2018 and rest a lot more than I had been – or at least manage my time better so I’m not overdoing it and stressing out. With this in mind

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  • From Teens to Twenties

    In the 3 years I have spent running this blog I have gone through some pretty big life changes. Not only have I transitioned from being a teenager to what is, supposedly, considered an adult, but I have moved out from living with my parent, got a university degree, started a full time job, been

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