• How To Choose The Best Dating Agency For You

    https://www.pexels.com/photo/sea-sunset-beach-couple-2145/   There are so many different dating websites and agencies to choose from today, which can make it feel almost impossible to know where to start. However, choosing the right dating agency is an essential step if you are going to find the perfect partner, so read on to discover the different aspects you

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  • Don’t Do It!

    Image Credit   With Valentine’s Romance firmly in the air, it’s around now that social media will start getting flooded with selfies of their romantic life… and for many unmarried couples, this week will be the week where their partner pops the question!   In the same spirit of this post that points out a

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  • A Conversation About Romance

    It would appear, in 2017, that romance is something that millennials would consider “old fashioned” or “cheesy”, which is true to an extent – I mean in the internet generation how could we possibly maintain the sanctity of romance when most interaction is done through a screen? However, we do still maintain a certain level

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