• Social Media Rockstar – 3 Gorgeous Ways To Display Your Favourite Travel Photos

    Think Outside The Frame There are a lot of ways to memorialize your travel. Today’s photography has reached a zenith; one that has actually begun to transform the medium. Likely you’ve seen some of those “three dimensional” photos new mobile devices can take today. Coupled with film recording, audio, and varying enhancement effects, your mobile

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  • Armpit Hair Don’t Care

    There seems to be a lot of controversy on social media about armpit hair on women at the moment which is actually getting me quite angry. I’ve seen the words “disgusting” and “gross” used to describe women with armpit hair and I am actually horrified that people are dragging women down instead of empowering them.

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  • Writers Block

    After my past few posts about mental health I have found myself void of any writing capability for this blog and have swerved towards the photography side of things because I just can’t seem to find the right topic to blog about at the moment and when I do I can’t find the right words.

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