• How Doing Home Improvements Can Help Your Mental Health

    This might not seem like an obvious link to make, but believe me if you’re living in a place you’re not happy with you will feel worse in general, but if you get your home exactly the way you want it you’ll feel much better and more productive which will have a positive impact on

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  • Myths About Counselling

    With the stigma around mental health as a whole, counselling isn’t spared. There are so many myths and lies about counselling that scare people off, but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t listen to them, because counselling can change your life for the better and relieve some pent up emotions and problems that

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  • Manual Troubles

    Have you ever bought something that comes with a manual and been totally lost when you browsed the instructions because they’re too complicated, or in a different language? Yeah, me too. I’ve always worked better with visual manualsĀ that text based manuals. In the past I’ve gotten some foreign electronics (cameras and washing machines) that didn’t

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