• Roadblock

    You hear a lot of people speaking about crossroads and having big decisions to make about their futures, but barely anyone mentions roadblocks, where you’re stuck in the road of progression and can’t move forward. This isn’t through choice, there just doesn’t seem to be any sign of clearance for progression. There is no where

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  • Writers Block

    After my past few posts about mental health I have found myself void of any writing capability for this blog and have swerved towards the photography side of things because I just can’t seem to find the right topic to blog about at the moment and when I do I can’t find the right words.

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  • Crossroads

    Watching the river as it flows so fluidly I realise that I am stuck Caught in between happiness and despair with very little luck The only thing to do is wish, wish that my smile shall return Although if beingĀ honest I feel I am more likely to yearn   Hidden messages fill my mind, I

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