• Social Media Rockstar – 3 Gorgeous Ways To Display Your Favourite Travel Photos

    Think Outside The Frame There are a lot of ways to memorialize your travel. Today’s photography has reached a zenith; one that has actually begun to transform the medium. Likely you’ve seen some of those “three dimensional” photos new mobile devices can take today. Coupled with film recording, audio, and varying enhancement effects, your mobile

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  • New Year, New Blog?

    So I got a free domain with my WordPress package and chose it way back in August then didn’t do anything with it. Now that everything is a bit more settled after Christmas/New Year I feel I finally have the time to put attention on a new project and so The Travelling Writer was born.

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  • Travelling

    As someone who is a nervous traveller the idea of going on holidays or going away in general makes me very nervous – not that it stops me. This week I am travelling from Aberdeen to the Highlands to visit my boyfriends family and every moment up to getting on the train to Inverness had

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