• Blue Monday

    “Blue Monday” is normally on the third Monday of the month and is considered the most depressing day of the year. The term was first publicized in 2005 when Sky Travel claimed to have calculated the date using an equation. Scientists consider the formula nonsensical. In my opinion it’s merely another fake holiday used to

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  • New Year, New Blog?

    So I got a free domain with my WordPress package and chose it way back in August then didn’t do anything with it. Now that everything is a bit more settled after Christmas/New Year I feel I finally have the time to put attention on a new project and so The Travelling Writer was born.

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  • August Must-Haves

    So we’re a fair bit in to August and I have developed a whole new set of must-haves for the month. These are the things that I an just absolutely obsessed with this month and things you should definitely look in to. Not all of these are in any way useful (in fact most aren’t)

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