• Undermining Possibility

    Have you ever been told that you weren’t smart enough to pursue the career you wanted to, or had someone laugh at you when you express interest in a certain sport? Has anyone ever told you that you could never succeed in the one thing that you’ve always wanted to do? Is there any time you

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  • RGU International Week

    This week I am running a photoblog for my universities International week – I am taking the photographs with one other person and collating them together at the end of each day. This is a huge deal for me because it is something I feel I do very well and something I enjoy. If you want

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  • Starting University

    In just over a month I will be starting university – something I always thought I was too ‘dumb’ for, but I made it and will be attending Robert Gordon University to study media. I honestly couldn’t be more excited to begin this journey because it sounds like an amazing course and I will then

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